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Sunflowers and Chimneys

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Es curiosa la cantidad de blogs australianos que he encontrado con post sobre chimeneas industriales de ladrillo, ¡aunque sólo sea una fotografia!

It´s curious tha vast amount of Australian blogs I´ve found with industrial chimneys of brickmasonry post, though there´s only one picture in it!


Sydney Park has undergone a major transformation over the past two decades. The land was originally given as a grant to a convict woman and has since served Sydney as a site for crops and food production, brick making, gas storage and waste disposal. When the New South Wales state government first envisaged turning the site into a public green space in the early 1980s, a key factor in transforming the site was to preserve some of the history associated with it.

Spanning 44 hectares, the park is the largest in Sydney and is connected by about 12 kilometres of pathways. The vast majority of the vegetation on the site was planted as part of a community effort in the early 1990s. The park now has nine hectares of gardens and 28,000 native trees, including 277 Port Jackson and Moreton Bay fig trees. Fifty types of mammals, native birds, frogs…

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Looking up

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No es exactemente de ladrillo, sino de hormigón, pero tiene algunas chimeneas que se parecen a ella en ladrillo. Por ejemplo, la chimenea de la Papelera Layana en Valencia, o la de la Sociedad Constructora de Alzira (Valencia)

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Barcelona skyline

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Pottery in stoke

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Komiža 5. V 2013

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