Chimenea Victoriana en una mina/Victorian mining chimney

On the 16th of September, 1854 my Great-great-great Grandfather Joseph Pickles departed from Merseyside on the White Star Line Clipper «Sultana» on a three month voyage which would eventually end in the Hobson Bay in the Port Philip District of Victoria. One of the reasons why I know this information is that he kept a diary of the voyage. Although he came from a relatively poor family in the Hunslet region of Leeds, during the early-mid 19th century young children received a basic education (by the age of 14-15 they are usually employed in the local mill industry). Hunslet and the neighbouring regions of Holbeck and Beeston where early industrial centres largely clothing mills, but also brickworks. In the 1841 census Joseph occupation is listed as «bricklayer», other occupations of his neighbours are listed as «cloth weaver, cloth spinner, clothier and cloth draper»

Así comienza el relato de un post encontrado en un blog que habla sobre comidas y sus misterios, en el que aparece esta maravilla de chimenea de mina en tiempos Victorianos

Joseph Pickles

Joseph Pickles nació en 1823, Hunslet, Yorkshire, UK; murió en 1897, Strathfieldsaye, Victoria, Australia

Joseph Pickles born 1823, Hunslet, Yorkshire, UK; died 1897, Strathfieldsaye, Victoria, Australia

chimney Pickles

Chimenea de Mina construida por Joseph Pickles. La chimenea, en la mina Rojo, Blanco, Azul, fue decorada con ladrillos rojos blancos y azules

Mine chimney constructed on the Victorian goldfields by Joseph Pickles. This chimney at the «Red, White and Blue Mine» was decorated with red, white and blue bricks.

Más información /More information:

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